Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Story Behind #YoSagarikaSoSecular

A few days back, a storm was kicked up on +Twitter over CNN-IBN editor Sagarika Ghose's tweet following Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi's Ganga aarti in Varanasi after his historic election victory that made his party the first non-Congress party to win a clear majority of its own. In typical leftist style, Sagarika 'demanded' that Modi visit a mosque as well, only to be rebutted by (ironically) a journalist from Pakistan. 
But the damage was done. Instantaneously, the hashtag #YoSagarikaSoSecular was born, some more sophisticated than the others, but all with the common theme that Sagarika's version of secularism is simply hate-mongering, deliberately showing Hindus and Muslims as two separate communities in opposition to each other. Instead of celebrating this massive mandate and hoping for growth and development for all, she continued to hanker for symbolism and cheap gimmicks, inviting rage.
It's not just Sagarika who indulges in this hate-mongering peddling around as secularism. But she is certainly one of the loudest, coming from the ilk of the Oxbridge-educated Indians-who-act-like-the-British, who hold the firm leftist belief that Hindus and Muslims will inevitably be at odds with each other and therefore should be looked upon separately. For them, secularism is defined by the Constitution and the constant shoveling of the term down the throats of Hindus. They do not even believe in India's long culture and the inherent secularism of Hinduism.

No wonder then that some of the tweets were outright hateful - hate begets hate?
In the end though, it seems this leftist has either understood that India has moved beyond these empty symbols of secularism... or she has decided to lie low till Rahul Baba learns how to speak. Till then, she called for truce.

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