Thursday, June 5, 2014

In the Big City

The LRT in Minneapolis/St. Paul
Finally choosing to take a (rather short) break from research, I hitched a ride with my friend in Purdue for a Roorkee Royal Civil reunion in Minneapolis, the largest city in the Great State of Minnesota, the State of 10,000 Lakes. In many ways, it was a humbling experience for someone living in Champaign, IL, which is quite literally a land of cornfields. Of course, being a Civil Engineer at heart (and professionally too), the entire trip was a treat - from the Interstate to the LRT.

While much can be said about the things in Minneapolis, there are some crazy experiences that cannot be captured in pictures - words will have to do for those. One was the experience in Downtown, with some rather scary-looking people asking us all too many questions about Egypt (I don't even want to know why). Then there was the nice American restaurant in Campustown with the rather unpleasant restroom. And of course, how could I forget the fear of flying ducks by the Mississippi? These are the little stories that come out in a Big City - the story of my own life is a part of that.

But the truly memorable part of Minneapolis was the Roorkee-bakar with old friends. It's not usual for me to meet old friends in a new setting - I suppose it's only been in Bhavan's and IITR that I have been able to do that. It's a new phase of life but for once, it isn't entirely separate from the old ones. That is a big change for me.

Big city, big changes! 

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