Thursday, June 12, 2014

What Eric Cantor's Defeat Means

Voters awoke to the shocking news that US House Majority Leader and Republican stalwart Eric Cantor was defeated in a primary in his district in Virginia, sending shockwaves through a Republican establishment that seemed increasingly confident of itself as Obama's presidency begins to wither away all the goodwill it enjoyed. What does this sudden defeat mean for the Republican party and the insurgency within, the Tea Party?

Ostensibly, the reason for Cantor's defeat appears to be his soft-peddling to Obama on the issue of immigration, a matter which has polarized Capitol Hill. While Democrats want a complete overhaul of immigration laws with a path to citizenship for about 11 millions illegal immigrants in the US, Republicans insist on first sealing the border with Mexico effectively and probably finding a way to deport illegal immigrants. This blog, of course, supports the Republican stand and believes that illegal immigrants must not be given a chance to become citizens unless they come back legally and go through the long process that legal immigrants need to face.

However, what Cantor's defeat ensures, despite Obama's claims otherwise, is that this Congress and with this President, immigration reform will not happen. And this is very bad for America because the current status quo is simply unacceptable for everyone - the American public and the illegal immigrants. Thousands of illegal immigrants flood into the Southern states every month, who are then put into transit camps and are kept healthy though probably not happy until Congress can figure out what to do with them. As long as the uncertainty remains, this flood of illegal immigrants will continue and that is why this issue needs to be fixed on a war-footing.

The Tea Party, whose candidate defeated Cantor, must remember that stalling reform will not help anybody. Therefore, while opposing the likes of Cantor for being soft on the issue, they must also work constructively to resolve this issue once and for all. 

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