Friday, July 4, 2014

A Double Birthday

Well, I nearly forgot to mention this! Last Sunday, I turned 23, still considered very young for research. It marked my second birthday abroad, the first being the very special one in Munich in 2012. Given how my social life has mostly not worked for me in this past year, I was quite prepared to enjoy a quiet day alone, perhaps watching a movie (I had Transformers 4 in mind). But, as always, I tend to be very pessimistic!

I had a wonderful birthday party with friends I made in IGSA (whose Presidency I will soon be assuming). There is the fact that I had never attended any of their birthday parties; indeed, the people whose birthdays I had attended and even helped organize were not even present there. But perhaps this is good, for is tells me who my real friends in this country are. A lesson well-learned, I should think. That's probably my biggest gift this year.

But it didn't end there for I had another birthday party the next day, with my International friends. This one was a second momo-night, where we made the delicious Tibetan dish together with a great sauce - in this case, a peanut-based one. This was accompanied by a great movie, Zodiac (review coming soon!) and much gossip about everything under the sun.

Overall, I'd say this was a wonderful birthday, quite on par with the wonderful one I had by the Isar (although that stands a notch higher because of the first-mover advantage). I'm glad to have known such wonderful people here as well as all the people who wished me, either by phone or through social media. 

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Anonymous said...

Glad to read that post.

Good! :)

(I was supposed to revert...but I feel lazy, almost cranky. I've got to do some office work, and I don't want to....I ended up hitting your block to look for uplifting moments...haha...and, sure I did.
Cheers! I miss roorkee and the people---I just finished a conversation with rohit...I had already interrupted him in his afternoon nap. My roomie didn't answer the phone---I guess he was sleeping too. :/ :?)