Sunday, July 27, 2014

Code Red: Part 1

He nearly broke the door as he ran up the stairs to the bedroom - he had heard her groan from the barn and would have been thankful that the cow had not made a racket, if he had the time to consider it, that is. But for now, with sweat streaking down his face, he opened the bedroom door to find blood rushing through his wife's face.

"Oh, Martha! What's happening to you? If you'd just drink your soup, you'd feel so much better!"

And so it went on yet again. As Bob tried to calm his wife down, he felt absolutely helpless. He would have taken her to a doctor, but they had no health insurance; and in any case, in this godforsaken corner of Texas, the right kind of doctors were just unavailable.

She began to calm down, but the stubborn rash stayed. Ever since the strange fever began to sap Martha of her strength, the rash had been spreading faster and faster - now, her entire flesh was a bright, hideous red. She said it didn't itch, but he didn't believe her because she had seen her rubbing her hands against her flesh. And... it was more than that. It could be because of his bad eyes, but Bob could swear that she was also growing a little... faint. As though you could see right through her. Her red skin.


Nobody had been seen on the farm for months now - the perfect chance to make a quick steal. An old couple supposedly owned the place, their children long gone, probably to find a real job somewhere. Bobby could pick the lock pretty easily, it was so old and rusted anyway. But there wasn't really much to steal, an old candelabra here, some bills lying around there. Joshua made his way to the bedroom, hoping to find something he could sell.

Because he was busy looking at some family pictures the old couple kept on the mantelpiece, Bobby didn't realize that it had been over an hour since Josh had gone up. He made his way up to see what his mate was doing, hoping he had found a treasure chest somewhere. But something was clearly wrong - there wasn't a sound there, except for some strange humming that Bobby couldn't quite put his finger on.

He opened the door to have a look. And then there was red.


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