Sunday, July 27, 2014

Code Red: Part 3

It had been a war zone - the entire village has been destroyed as Bobby and Josh fought off the National Guard. They quickly realized that they didn't need food - they just fed off whatever their flames had destroyed, making them stronger. It was a strange existence, a strange feeling as their bodies matured slowly inside the old lady in the bedroom. Poetically, she had been like a mother, absorbing them like a cocoon, nurturing them with her strange disease, until the fire had set them free.

But Josh wasn't happy. He didn't want to live like this. The feeling of immense power had been great at first, but all the destruction has left him numb. Bobby thought differently of course, he was always the fighter, the leader. He had bigger plans - he wanted to take over Texas first, and then DC. He liked the fighting, the new meaning they had in their lives.

They were now living a constant battle, a battle that made them stronger. But Josh had had enough - he wanted it to end. He could feel his body melting away, turning into something else. He wanted it to end. But every time he told Bobby, he would be refuted for being weak. He was the sidekick, the minion. But when Bobby mercilessly burned the Governor of Texas down with his flames, he had had enough. He was a criminal, but not a murderer.


Houston, TX: After a month of being terrorized by two red beings, Texas began its reconstruction efforts under a new Governor, the former Deputy who was hurriedly sworn-in after his predecessor was burned alive by the assailants before they turned on each other, destroying themselves and a large part of Austin.

The scientific community is still divided over where they came from or what they were but the President is understood to have created a team in the US Army to find ways to fight such future acts of terrorism.


Where am I? What am I? What is this strange thing on my arm? Wait, is this my arm - all red, translucent? Where's Martha? I remember coming to feed her chicken soup to help her get better.

And... what's this red dome that I'm in?

(Inspired from a dream)

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