Sunday, July 13, 2014

In Support of Israel

Israel is being attacked by the liberal media across the world for its offensive against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which forms the western flank of Palestine. Yesterday in particular was a deadly day, when the IDF was forced to bomb a mosque, which also housed a disability center, which was identified as being a storehouse for weapons used to rain rockets upon Israel, making life impossible for citizens of Israeli towns. This is not the first time that Israel has used force to stop Hamas from launching its rockets, but clearly the terrorist organization, committed to wiping out Israel from the map through force, does not understand that when it comes to brute force, it does not stand a chance against the IDF.

The entire blame for the innocent lives lost in Gaza falls squarely on Hamas, which is effectively using the urbanized area's residents as human shields to carry on their deadly and ultimately self-defeating war on Tel Aviv. So brazen and foolhardy are they that they announced a fresh set of attacks on Tel Aviv hours after an IDF offensive, clearly indicating that they do not care for the loss of Palestinian lives. If this terrorist force had any concern for the lives of young children and women, it would be fighting Israel up front, not hiding among civilians.
Peace between Israel and Palestine based on a two-state solution is imperative; there is simply no other option and Bejnamin Netanyahu has to accept this whether he likes it or not. Israel has to stop its illegal settlements in the West Bank, which are unfortunately akin to the German occupation of Jewish homes after the Jews were shipped off to their death in Nazi Germany. However, in this instance, Hamas is making it virtually impossible for Israel to even consider any solution at all. An armed terrorist state, complete with foreign backing and International recognition, living on either side of the world's only Jewish state is an unacceptable nightmare for Israel and all her well-wishers, which includes this blog. Therefore, the elimination of Hamas either voluntarily or by force is an imperative pre-requisite for any peace agreement.

The death of so many Palestinian lives is indeed very unfortunate as is the fact that they remain a stateless people. This entire tragedy could have been avoided had Hamas accepted Israel's right to exist, renounced violence and come to the negotiating table. That would embolden the majority of Israelis who want peace to push their government, however far-right, towards a settlement once and for all. However, it is clear that Hamas has no intention of giving up its cowardly terrorist activities. In such a situation, this blog fully supports Israel's air strikes on Gaza and any future ground offensive - whatever it takes to end terrorism and protect the Jewish state. 

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