Sunday, July 27, 2014

Watch the Narrative

Even as Israel extends its 24-hour humanitarian ceasefire over the Gaza Strip, the pressure is clearly mounting on it to stop its siege that has already seen over 700 Palestinians killed, many of them in hospitals and even a UN-run school. True, these are deaths caused by Hamas effectively using the civilian population as human shields, but it is necessary for Israel to be more careful. The UNHRC vote, however much a kangaroo court it might be, should serve as a warning to Israel that public opinion is not in its favor and even though America continues to back it unconditionally, the American government too faces opposition from within.

However, none of this should really deter Israel from its ultimate and just goal - to dismantle the terrorist organization, Hamas and its secret tunnels. This is necessary to stop all the rockets launched into Israel to terrorize its citizens. Sadly though, many common Israelis seem to have forgotten this cause and now justify the killing of so many Palestinian children as necessary to prevent them from growing up to be terrorists. As harsh as this may sound, this is eerily similar to the final solution to the Jewish question that the Nazis formulated and executed, an event that shocked the world so much that it led to the birth of Israel.

Ultimately, the moral basis on which Israel's right to exist and defend itself comes are the horrors of the holocaust, which proved the necessity of a well-armed Jewish state that can serve as a permanent homeland (if there is such a thing). It is imperative then that Israel does not justify its aggression by a very Nazi logic. Of course, this is not the official Israeli reason for the current operation and I do not for a moment believe that it is, but as the Nuremberg Trials pointed out, individual citizens too have a responsibility in checking a genocidal regime, something that Bibi is dangerously close to running.

While this blog has and continues to support Israel's right to exist and defend itself against terrorism, the time has come for Israelis to know that they are coming dangerously close to embodying Adolf Hitler himself. They must pull back before it is too late - for the sake of all the Jews murdered by the Nazis, who would never want their own people doing that to another nation. 

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