Tuesday, August 12, 2014

About Summer Courses

This summer, I took a summer courses for my funding requirements. I wanted something easy and so I asked around and narrowed my sights on STAT 400: Statistics and Probability I.  Another reason why I chose it was memories from my MIT application, which was derailed because, among other things, IIT Roorkee did not have a formal class on the topic and my knowledge was based on ad-hoc modules and a MOOC I took from NPTEL. But now, I had a chance to put an official course on my transcript - and with an A+, it was a worthy addition.

The good thing about summer courses is that they keep you on your toes in an otherwise lazy season, by forcing you to manage your time between research and coursework. Being an 8-week course, it can get pretty hectic, especially with the Statistics department, which is already infamous with its mountains of homework. However, the saving grace was that it was very easy. At a grand total of 99/100, I can certainly back that up!

So, should you take a summer course? I wouldn't recommend it really - it can be a little too much of a distraction, especially if you've got a clear, focused project going on. Thesis credits are recommended for the credit requirements. Unless of course, the course is very useful of extremely easy!

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