Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Geelani's Real Strategy

Outside the usual uncivilized din on Parliament that the mainstream media simply loves to cover, this week say a Calling Attention Motion on the recent cancellation of the Kausar Nag Yatra in south Kashmir. While Gaza seems to be reason enough for the primary Opposition to stall Parliament, India's own internal refugees, who have been languishing for 25 years now, gets a quiet after thought. Amazingly, it was K Kavitha of the TRS who made a strong speech in favor of the Pandits.

What is clear from the entire event, as rightly pointed out by Rahul Pandita, is that Kashmiri patriarch SAS Geelani is a liar when it comes to the pandits. While in public he may call them brothers to avoid being labeled an Islamist leader, he has absolutely no intention of allowing them to return to the Valley, their rightful homeland. By calling off the ancient yatra on the flimsiest of reasons - environmental concerns, as 70 pilgrims can do more damage than a thousand tourists - and using his supporters to violently stop pilgrims from making the trek, he has demonstrated what India needs to recognize: that Kashmir is not merely a political issue about autonomy. It has become a religious issue, with the Kashmiri separatist groups believing sincerely that any Hindus living in Kashmir endanger their control over the area.

These separatists overtly claim that they oppose the Indian state because of the atrocities of the Army, or because of their "special" culture. In reality, they oppose it because they want Kashmir to be an Islamic state, with all the dreams of global jihad against the infidels that follow. In 1947, the Congress unknowingly created a terrorist state by agreeing to Partition the subcontinent. Now, through their silence and through Omar Abdullah's shameless capitulation on the issue, the threat of yet another terrorist state on our borders looms large. And the so-called secular parties are entirely to blame. 

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