Friday, August 8, 2014

The World Needs to stop ISIS

US President Barack Obama, after months of dithering and some clear pressure from the Christian right, finally announced that he was ordering the US Air Force to hound the ISIS insurgency in Iraq-Syria, which has grown to become a de-facto terrorist state in the region. This is the first sign of Obama actually living up to his Nobel Peace Prize and doing what the whole world should have been doing: stopping the ISIS insurgency from becoming so powerful.

India, as always, has chosen to bury its head in the sand, delusional with the idea that it is somehow safe behind the Himalayas from events in Iraq. This is completely untrue as elements of the domestic population are becoming increasingly radicalized as well. In Tamil Nadu, a Muslim priest even distributed t-shirts celebrating the ISIS Caliphate, which were duly work by some youth. Ironically, they uploaded a group picture on Facebook to celebrate this. While the police have taken the priest into custody, similar signs have erupted in Kashmir. This volcano unleashed by ISIS however, is not restricted to Sunnis alone. There are reports of some Shias traveling to now lawless Iraq to fight ISIS. When these men return to India, they can only bring chaos with them.

And this is not the story of India alone but of many countries. Pakistan, long a failed state, has been a major source of fighters, as have several European countries including Britain, the power that created this whole mess after World War I. Therefore, the world must act now to stop ISIS and eventually push it back to Syria, where al-Bashar's forces can deal with them. And more immediately, the US must prevent the Kurds from falling to ISIS, ending the only oasis of stability in Iraq.  

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