Monday, August 11, 2014

Worthy Message

By Dan Brown

Dan Brown is one of those writers that you can love or hate, but simply cannot ignore. While he has never been able to recreate the brilliance of The Da Vinci Code, his works sitll continue to create enthusiasm for Robert Langdon and symbology. With Inferno, Brown trudges into the world of literature, spinning a story around Italian writer Dante's famed The Divine Comedy. Of course, unlike Da Vinci, Dante is relatively unknown among the masses, so the book had to include a crash course on his works, making it rather academic. However, by integrating it with the story itself, Brown saved himself from going down the path of a Robert Harris.

Interestingly, Brown seems to have decided to include a message in this story, similar to what he did in The Lost Symbol but with far more impact. This is certainly an interesting development, although still in a somewhat nascent stage. Perhaps in his next work, the author will be able to develop it more. Till then, for all its faults, Inferno is still a good read. 

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