Monday, September 29, 2014

A Fabulous Night

Bollywood Night 2014 was a grand success, executed to near-perfection. It started 10 minutes behind schedule and ended exactly ten minutes late - such was the level of planning put into it. Of course, managing 13 different performances, the Multimedia Team, the Event Services team in the Courtyard Cafe and the hopeless battle with food vendors was never going to be easy, even for a medium-sized team. However, as my first large event in the US, I was determined to get the job done with my team.

We faced several challenges. Food was a problem right to the end and eventually we had to give up on it. The rules of the Union indeed make it very hard and there is a need to change them. The Multimedia and Event Services teams were the best to work with - they were even smart enough to give us an Indian-American employee who could make some sense out of the show (I'm amazed by their Hindi skills).

The hardest thing to handle was of course, the performers. Some were quite cooperative and didn't need too much prodding to get the job done - those are the groups that I really enjoyed working with. And then there were a few certain girls who just made life very troublesome for us: I was in a good mood to cancel their dance right to the last minute. Fortunately, even that went well. I suppose one must get used to the idea that there are some self-obsessed idiots that one has to work with every now and then. Largely though, the performers worked well with us.

Last year, I was an MC, unsure of how much to expand my wings in IGSA. This year, I was, as President, the Chief Organizer. One year, a grand transformation! While IITR MUN was still the biggest event I had ever organized, Bollywood Night definitely comes in a close second. 

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