Sunday, September 21, 2014

Circus of Imagination

The Divine Comedy
By Dante Alighieri

According to classical literature, a comedy is supposed to be a lowly form of writing, meant for the common masses. In this modern age of course, The Divine Comedy stands out as one of the highest works of Western literature. It was then, quite a pleasure reading this acclaimed translation as Dante went through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven with his divine guides, Virgil and Beatrice.

What truly stands out is the depth of imagination of Dante's work - virtually every human trait, sin or otherwise, has been covered in this seminal work. Amazingly, for an engineer, this work holds great potential, such is the scientific detail with which each of the three works has been worked out. Every circle, every level and every emotion have been carefully planned. Indeed, this is not just a random collection of ideas, but a well thought out, coherent poem. 

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