Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hectic Work

Next weekend, IGSA is organizing what used to be its freshers night - Bollywood Night. Used to, because as time has progressed, it has become more of a cultural event with undergraduate participation than a freshers night for new graduate students. I often wonder why, and the only conclusion that I can think of is the massive inferiority complex that every generation of Indians seems to come with. That, together with the fake sense of American 'coolness' they get from (American) movies.

That apart, the work has been quite grueling for the event, with multiple meetings with the Courtyard Cafe, the Multimedia Team, food vendors and a plethora of participants. As President for the year, I've been at the forefront of the effort, backed by an excellent team. Still, the team itself has been a challenge. It is clearly too small to manage so many things; but it is still too big to be very coherent at meetings. I wonder if there is a golden mean in this somewhere.

Bollywood Night is next week at the Courtyard Cafe. I'm sure it will be fun. If there's something I've learned, it's that people here simply want a fun night. They will complain and crib certainly, but they would be very disappointed if they had nothing to complain and crib about. Such is the desi, fresh off the boat. 

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