Monday, September 29, 2014

MOM Made My Day

India's successful Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was indeed a proud moment for all Indians across the world. I was watching it from home, online, and heard Prime Minister Narendra Modi's inspirational speech after the mission was declared successful. Of course, the next day, The New York Times and the like came out with their condemnation for a poor country trying to reach Mars (we already reached the moon). This institutionalized racism was to be expected, more so from a leftist newspaper like that.

The fact remains that MOM is an important technological breakthrough for India, and not just for the space program. The advances made in materials and communication (there was no great expansion in propulsion, though) will certainly seep into the military sector and that will be of immense help for India. Moreover, the biggest gain for the country are the legions of young students, inspired to make a career in science and engineering. MOM will certainly pay itself back! 

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