Sunday, September 21, 2014

The UK has changed forever

Last week, Scottish voters voted in a much-awaited referendum to stay with England, Wales and Northern Ireland in the United Kingdom. Demographic studies will show that the vote was divided between older voters, whose pensions are Pound Sterling denominated, and younger voters, tired of English rule from London, looking to form a new future for themselves. For now, demographics have spoken. But for how long?

Scotland's sinful marriage to England to jointly plunder wealth from India is now broken, if not severed. For 200 years, this United Kingdom looted other great, prosperous nations in their imperial conquests. A virtually uninhabitable marshland like Scotland became part of a rich and prosperous empire by selling itself. Now, with the the end of colonialism and the economic crisis having eroded all the promise of unity, the Scottish are looking to take back their freedom.

One thing is for certain - the UK has changed forever, irreversibly. While it was saved from the body blow, it Kingdom as it is now will die slowly and steadily. For now, the referendum was defeated by practical necessities. But an entire generation has come so close to Independence, and they will not be stopped. From more devolution to semi-autonomous status to a loose confederation and finally as separate countries, this partition is virtually guaranteed to take place over time.

Perhaps it is poetic justice that the English should have to face this ignominy. For a society that has derided other peoples, other cultures and forced their superiority on the rest of the world, an empire that has has no qualms in partitioning lands and destroying cultures, this near dissolution of the UK is merely karma. 

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