Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Very Political Peace Prize

The last few years, possibly even more, have made it very obvious that of all the prizes, the Nobel Peace Prize is the most political of all, given less for a lifetime of achievement and more, far more, to push the political interests of Europe, mainly, and the West in general. While previously this was done subtly, the 2014 Peace Prize takes it to an entirely new level.

But then, what else can we expect from this Prize? Mahatma Gandhi never received the prize. Barack Obama, who has waged more wars across the world than any US President after World War 2, has. The logic of the Nobel Peace Prize seems to be what the panel expects from rhetoric, rather than actual achievement. And those expectations are entirely derived from political biases.

The worst thing about the 2014 award is that it does not even make an attempt to hide the political bias in it. In the announcement, the chairman of the committee candidly said that the award was given to a Hindu and a Muslim, from India and Pakistan, respectively. For one, this silly juxtaposition is a legacy of European high handedness over a mess that they create. Pakistan may be an Islamic Republic, India is not a Hindu Republic. Pakistan may choose to define its identity by religion, India does not. India has more Muslims than Pakistan's population. The silly idea that this is a typical Hindu-Muslims affair is a lazy analysis of people who have never even been to the region.

Two, it smacks of the white man's burden. The Indo-Pak conflict was created by the British, a colonial tool to keep the natives fighting with each other. Without even once accepting its collective responsibility for spreading racial and communal hatred across the world through systematic slavery in the form of colonialism, this European country now wants to show us just how easy it is to overcome that hatred, as if its hands are clean.

Three, Europe obviously has no recollection of exactly why people like Malala have had to fight for education. These looters who turned the world's most prosperous civilization into a begging bowl, used military force to impoverish and force mass illiteracy onto its people, now see it fit to point fingers and honors at those who are trying to bring back that lost legacy. Before any European country tells the world how to make a better life for its people, they should ask themselves just how they made such a great life for themselves. Who paid for the cobbled streets of Edinburgh? A colonized people did.

It has long been established that the Nobel Peace Prize has lost credibility. The 2014 Prize simply puts a stamp of confirmation on that. The Swedish can keep their lectures-cum-honors to themselves. European hands are stained with the blood of generations anyway. 

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