Thursday, October 30, 2014

Conference Chronicles: The Poster Session

The poster session is an interesting component of research that every student must cross. It is a compromise between two opposing forces: the need for students to present their work in order to keep the peer-review system up and running; and the utter disdain for reading full papers at a conference. Thus, you have the poster session: whole papers turned into pictures and graphs to succinctly describe what was done - sans the nuances, of course.

Somehow, I liked the poster session, despite the fact that there was so little of it. It's quite different from a presentation, where the communication is largely one-way and the questions are more general (except in the highly unlikely case that someone is taking notes). In poster sessions, if someone finds the poster of interest, they discuss it; otherwise, they move along. Of course, if the area is very niche, you might not have any visitors at all, but that's highly unlikely because every niche area is part of some larger area and academics, by design, love to learn new things!

I designed my first poster on Publisher, a tool that I used to a limited extent before. Thus, this poster was my first big project with the tool and I'm pretty happy with it. In January, I'll be presenting another poster at the TRB Conference. This time, as a veteran! 

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