Thursday, October 30, 2014

Simple yet effective

To Cut a Long Story Short
By Jeffrey Archer

It's been sometime since I could read another novel, what with the sudden wave of work that overcame me since the last one. For such a short novel then, it was quite surprising that I took so long. However, it was quite worth it as Archer once again showed his mastery over the short story. The strength and weakness of this genre is in the length: you have only so many pages to create characters, develop them and nurture them before they must serve their purpose and come to and end. It is this that makes it such a challenging genre and therefore, a pleasure to read when executed by such a master as Archer.

This collection of stories did not have a common theme. Some were short and rather shocking, while others were longer yet more subtle. Archer claims some of these are based on real stories and who knows, he might just be right. But even otherwise, there's something unique about fiction that makes it ever so believable! 

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