Monday, October 13, 2014

To California!

Next week, I'll be heading out to my first conference: the International Symposium on Pavement Life Cycle Assessment 2014 (Pavement LCA 2014). I'm somewhat in disbelief that I'm actually going in the end, given how long back I've worked on this data and how much I've progressed since. As my first conference, there are some anxieties, obviously. For one - what does one do at a conference? I've been told that he answering is networking, but aside from talking a little and listening a lot (who speaks then?), I've failed to get a satisfactory definition of that.

The run up to the conference has been quite hectic, as I will be losing 4 days over it. I had to take an exam early, which can be quite a painful experience. I also had to get a lot of work done, which was jeopardized by the lack of sunlight this weekend. But in the end, I'm all set for the rather long journey to the California-equivalent of Champaign: Davis. I hope to meet some researchers in my area and contribute to the breakout sessions. And of course, I hope people come to my poster and ask me some good questions!

With my case packed and poster in tow, here I go! 

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