Thursday, October 2, 2014

To the Last Minute

The latest paper that I submitted for the ASCE T&DI Conference next year was quite nerve-wracking, throwing up a interesting set of new problems but certainly putting light on the direction ahead for my research. Perhaps it is the nature of research that every solution throws up a set of new problems and thus lights a path for future investigation, halted only by a thesis defense, only to return with a new set of actors. This is the cycle of research that I found myself in and which will probably take up the rest of this semester - hopefully not more!

There are a couple of issues we are dealing with year, some directly related to my thesis research and others more with general materials issues. This is actually significant because a change of materials should not have had such a large impact on results. While we did try to get enough data to explain this, eventually, there proved to be just too many variables. However, we will certainly get to the bottom of this - and expect a paper from that as well! 

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