Saturday, November 29, 2014

Coming Soon: Indian of the Year 2014

Opinions 24x7 returns with its flagship series, Indian of the Year in its 8th edition as we celebrated the year gone by in India. Certainly, a historic one. The logo for this year celebrates the most spectacular event of the year, the largest democratic elections in human history and the victory of the Bharatiya Janta Party, which this blog fully supports.

But the lotus in the logo does not represent the BJP - it represents India's history and culture, on the basis of which this civilization must prosper. It was this belief that our civilization deserves to be prosperous, not wallowed down in the hopeless bogs of socialism, that led to the events of 2014. The logo celebrates that - the Indian chakra, a symbol of progress, resting on a lotus as it stands firm on the waters of the world.

Opinions 24x7 Presents
Indian of the Year 2014
Coming in 2015

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