Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Dramatic and entertaining

By Vikas Swarup

Yes, I know there's a movie about this already. Yes, I know the book has been renamed after its movie. But cast all that aside because is book is decent enough to read as well! Years after I first tried to read this book as a teenager, I finally got down to finishing what I had started with this slick, fast-paced novel that takes you through a macabre world of survival in India's poor under-belly.

Yes, there are the prostitutes and the callous police. There is the overdone worship of the White Man. There's even the melodramatic reunion of lovers. Everything, just about everything, that could be put into a cheesy novel is in here. And yet, it's not a bad story at all - primarily because it's fast enough to charge through the clutter. Unlike a lot of novels that devote endless pages to nothing in particular that advances the story, every word of Q&A works to advance the story ahead. Now that's a smart author. 

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