Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Election Season Again

For the third time this year, it's election season! This winter is set to see three hotly-contested states up for grabs - Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir and recently-announced Delhi.

It's been almost one year since AAP made a surprise debut in Delhi and it has been downhill for them since then. However, if gossip is to be believed, this will be a two-sided content, with the Congress going all-out to back AAP and determined to make Kejriwal the CM and its lackey to stop the Modi wave that decimated it in Haryana and Maharashtra recently. Moreover, this time, it doesn't seem to be a one-sided love affair with Ahmed Patel having dined with several AAP leaders at IIC, clearly setting the stage for a tacit alliance if not an overt one. The Congress, it seems, is out of all constructive ideas.

In Jharkhand, the JMM, a fickle-ally if ever, has broken ranks with the Congress and source say it is looking to dive in with the BJP. The BJP, in-turn, has tied up with the AJSU, so for better or worse, the JMM could be the kingmaker. Unless the Modi wave blunts them, as it did the INLD in Haryana with similar ambitions. If there was something like a 'failed state index' for Indian states, Jharkhand would come out on top, with its graph nosediving since the partition of Bihar out of political turmoil. This election could be the final chance for the state to redeem itself, lest it joins the ranks of the former BIMARU states.

The keenest election of all will be in J&K, where an entrenched dynasty could be facing defeat on two fronts, one from the BJP and the other from the fledgling dynasties in the PDP. It all comes down to how (if?) Kashmir votes, with the BJP looking at a sweep of Jammu and Ladakh.

A winter of change is coming! 

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