Friday, November 28, 2014

Too Graphic


Produced By: Columbia Pictures and others
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington, Samuel Jackson and others
Pros: Good story
Cons: Too graphic, mindless, too long
Rating: ** of 5 (2 of 5)

This is not a movie but a video game with a rather elaborate plot. You don't have to feel for all the people killed - with just one bullet shot from any angle, in fact - nor do you have to think too much about the characters who stay alive. In fact, you can sit back and let your eyes pop out at this intolerably graphic creation that has received critical acclaim, confirming just why democracy leads to the election of very pathetic leaders.

Pause. Breather. OK, I didn't like this movie. To be fair, it has a good, inspiring story and will make you feel all good in the right regions. But for once, we have a good story backed up by very poor screenplay and cinematography. There's no doubt that Quentin Tarantino is good at what he does - the problem is what he does. His uncanny ability to make a story seem surreal, disconnected and even unnatural is the ultimate undoing of this movie. Not only is it too graphic to watch for the most part, it becomes a mindless series of murders. And when you keep that up for almost three hours, you have a disaster in the making.

I wouldn't watch it again and don't recommend you to try even once. (OTFS)

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