Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Resolutions

Yes, I'm going to do this. Despite absolute failures in the past, 2015 resolutions are quite different - for two reasons. One, some of them are inevitable. And two, because I largely managed to keep my 2014 resolutions - yes, I did! My first resolution was to lose weight, and I did that in the most epic way possible, virtually turning the clock back by 10 years or so! The second was to meet people from more countries and I do have a fair kitty of foreigners in my friends list, though to varying degrees of friendship.

For 2015 then, the resolutions are similar. Losing weight is the top priority again, though this time it needs to come with sincere diet control aside from exercise. The Fall '14 semester was somewhat of a setback on this path, but I now know that it was largely because of the hectic nature of the semester and I hope to be able to use that experience to insulate future semesters from such troubles. As part of this, getting rid of my addiction to nachos is also on the cards.

And then there's the resolutions for research. 2014 was a momentous year for research, with as many as three papers having been submitted and work being done for two or three more. This belied all my expectations. With some more work to go, 2014 will see me submitting what I believe will be a very good MS Thesis. That will be the crowning glory of my MS. In addition, I will commence my PhD, although exactly where that will be is still uncertain.

One more resolution for 2015 that I hope to keep but am not sure - to get an American driving license. While it is important, it has not gotten the attention it has received thus far. Maybe this year? 

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