Monday, December 29, 2014

A Historic Year

2014 is almost over and it stands out as the single-most important year of my life, a historic year that saw many firsts and laid the foundation for more. It was my first year spent almost entirely outside of India. In 2013, I made a resolution to finally shed some weight and work on improving myself on the health front. Unlike all previous resolutions, this one was a success, having lost over 70 lbs in a year and moving steadfastly towards a healthier lifestyle.

Academically, 2014 saw a reaffirmation of my academic credentials, with a perfect 4.0 GPA throughout. In the research arena, it was a roaring success, with my first paper giving way to another two, the acquisition of an Albedometer allowing me to collect enough data for some good journal papers, my first conference leading to my first publication and my first seminar to share my work with the UIUC community. These have also set the stage for an excellent MS Thesis that I will finish by the middle of next year and also my future PhD.

Socially, the year was a spectacular improvement over the miserable months on 2013 after coming to the US. Having separated from two of the worst roommates I have ever had, I was able to find someone much better to split the rent with. I became President of IGSA and met many new stakeholders in the Illini Union system, learning to deal socially with Americans and a diverse background. My interaction with fellow grad students in and outside of my research group increased greatly and I attended my first mixed party with people from a wide variety of countries.

Next year will have many more opportunities. I don't like to plan things too meticulously. But there will be some resolutions. In another post! 

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