Monday, December 29, 2014

Another Sweep in Fall '14

Despite the scare of CEE 509, Fall '14 was another successful semester academically. I managed to sweep CEE 405 with a massive 98% score, translating to an easy A+. This is an important course in the area of facilities, one of the best I have ever taken and gave me a clear perspective of just how far behind the US India really is - decades, really. 405 is also considered a leading course by industry in the US, making the A+ a welcome certification.

509 was a big disappointment though as the course turned out to be more like a Railway Engineering course than one on facilities. However, I did manage to make the most if it, particularly in the more theoretical aspects of heat and moisture flow, which formed the basis of my term project that I thought was quite good though complicated and, I dare say, boring. With that in mind, the A is actually good as I was quite sure I'd get less than that.

So another good semester over and I still have a perfect 4.0 GPA! 

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