Friday, December 12, 2014

Murderous Month so far

December has proven to be a very difficult month thus far, with an unprecedented explosion of work in a very short amount of time. Of course, that much should be obvious from the fact that the first post on this blog came on Dec. 12! Usually, in any semester, work piles up before Fall Break, during which most of it is completed, and then its just exams left for the finals, which are usually simple enough.

But this semester seems to be very different. No, Fall Break was not relatively free, it was packed with work as always. Unfortunately, given how this semester has panned out, almost all of it went to research. I have two major regrets this semester: one, that I did not take thesis credits despite doing so much research; and two, taking CEE 509, a course almost completely unrelated to my research or interests except for one part of it, and which has proven to be exceedingly difficult... and boring.

Of course, it would be unfair to blame 509 entirely: its homework problems, though vague, have been simple enough and initial hiccups were quickly taken care of. The exams are very hard certainly, but for a 500-level course, that is not exactly a surprise (512 is testament to that). The take-home exam is a huge upset and makes everything so much harder - and takes forever to finish!

But overall, the real problem this semester was CEE 405: an very easy course that has too much of everything: too much homework, excessively long exams, long lab reports, long labs etc. It just sucked my time away. Now, I have about a week to bear it all until the semester really comes to and end - and I take my vacation to India! 

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