Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Noose is Tightening

As the Trinamool Congress continues with its obstruction of traffic and daily life in Kolkata, virtually overturning its own initial determination to end such behaviour that had become all to common under the Left, it is clear that the party is becoming desperate to save its top leadership from the investigation into the Saradha scam. Some gossip handles have already alleged that there is clear reason to believe that the TMC benefited directly from the Ponzi scheme, although that is finally left for the courts to decide.

Mamata Banerjee's strategy as of now is nothing new - a lot of noise, political violence, disruption of Parliament and ill-mannered name-calling, particularly against BJP President Amit Shah who, after scripting the BJP's spectacular Lok Sabha majority and victories in Haryana and Maharashtra, has set his sights on Bengal. Indeed, the BJP has completely occupied the Opposition space in Bengal despite its limited numbers in the Assembly, with the Left and the Congress sliding into irrelevance. And this is precisely what makes Mamata Banerjee so angry - for what was the Trinamool in its days against the Left, the BJP is today against the TMC.

However, political attacks can only do so much when the Supreme Court itself is monitoring the case. Contrary to what Banerjee would have her supporters believe, her Transport Minister Madan Mitra was not arrested merely because he shared a picture with the man behind the scam - there are very serious allegations and prima facie evidence against him, which will be probed. Instead, Banerjee should respond to Amit Shah's challenge to stating that all those arrested are innocent, instead of making repeated political accusations.

But all this is beyond her. Mamata Banerjee, as an agent to destroy the Left in Bengal, has served her part. Despite the initial energy, she has become worse than the Left and her TMC goons now strike the sort of fear as did the Left's. The future of Bengal is with the BJP and that process has already begun. For Bengal, once India's most prosperous province and today one of the most backward, an opportunity to enter light from darkness is near. 

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