Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where is winter?

This winter in Champaign has been, well, quite warm! The first few days of December actually saw fairly warm nights. There is not an inch of snow on the ground, no frozen lakes and squirrels are busy making merry. Birds can be heard chirping in the (late) morning and you can roam around in a light jacket in the afternoon. Meanwhile, in India, I am told it snowed in Saharanpur and Chandigarh, two areas that you would least expect to see any snow ever.

And they say there's global warming! Well, that was just rhetorical, this is actually climate change in action, characterized by extreme weather. So last year, Illinois got a record cold winter while California got (and still has) a record drought; while in India, the country saw extreme heat waves and now extreme cold waves. Although this has probably made people quite happy this winter, it is bad news for all of us in the future. 


Jacob Mathew said...

I had a similar question. This might be a naive statement but the stories of the winter of 2013 only made me more excited about the winter and I was disappointed by the lack of a white December in Champaign. Also I found it strange that it should snow, rain or be fairly warm in such a random fashion when what I expected was a consistent drop in the mercury during the winter.

Sushobhan Sen said...

This winter was definitely warmer than the last, although half of it is still left. But last year was an exception (thankfully). Nobody wants to go through that again.

Erratic weather is the norm here though - it happens all over the year!