Monday, January 5, 2015

The War has Begun

A cursory glance at Indian politics today will show a central government, with a historic one-party majority, in complete disarray and an Opposition that is strong and united and determined to fight it. Except, in the matter of elections, where that same governing party seems unstoppable and the leader of the opposition in an unending recession. What is going on, why is the government presumably i abject decline before its opponents in all areas except the electoral one?

What we are witnessing here is not actual a reaction - there can be no situation in which a government appears meek everywhere but wins elections all over. What we are seeing is the Congress finally deciding to hit back as its fights to stay alive, aided by a pliant media with still-fond memories of Padma awards and anger at Modi for not harboring truck with any media, left, right or center. By the Congress, it does not mean Rahul Gandhi, who is now a mere veneer for the deep Congress, the true vested interests that received a severe jolt in May and are only now beginning to recover. These are the bureaucrats, the historians, the social activists who form an intricate net that thrives off Congress largess. The Gandhi family, now left to organize a pointless restructuring that will land it up in exactly the same position it has been since Independence, is the democratic means for the Deep Congress to achieve its larger aim of remaining an entrenched elite, something that Modi is threatening to overturn.

There are many rumors floating around now, including a grand plan of the Congress to force the Modi government to implode and face a mid-term election. Minorities are the means to it, as they have always been, for the decisive leftward turn that the world took after World War II means that the chalice of rights, freedoms and democracy lies squarely on minorities and minorities alone. It is the oldest trick in the book, one that has been used to Partition India and continues to be used to divide society further and the Congress and all the Congress-like parties have perfected the art of it.

Something historic is happening in India - the BJP is turning into the largest party in the country, the default party of governance, and the Congress is heading into oblivion. It happened in the Morarji Desai government too, but then it imploded. This time, instead of imploding, the BJP is only getting stronger. And as it grows, so too will the resistance to it. Congress-JD(U)-RJD was just a visible face of it, many more realignments that go beyond political parties are taking shape. For BJP President Amit Shah and Narendra Modi, the real was has only begun. They might have won power, but they have not won Delhi. There is an entrenched power, a Deep Congress, that lives with them, among them, that senses and reports their every move and has its foot out to make them trip. If the BJP wants to finish the Congress, the final frontier is this.  

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