Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Warning Signs in CH

Recently-concluded civic body polls in Chhatisgarh, including to the prestigious Naya Raipur Mayoral post, should come as a warning to the BJP that it needs to deliver, both at the Center and in States, and merely chanting slogans or riding the Modi wave is not going to last it long enough. The polls, in which the Congress and independents trumped the ruling BJP in a majority of bodies and posts, come in the wake of a massive anti-incumbency building up against the party, which has yet to find a base in the southern tribal districts of the state.

The results are even more devastating in the wake of the fact that the state Congress is in shambles and ridden with factionalism. Despite that, it was able to trounce a seemingly-invincible BJP. This is the surest indicator yet for CM Raman Singh and even PM Modi that they need to accelerate economic reforms and development, which is the one issue that can transcend all identities and unite people. These are merely warning shots - while the state will not go to elections till 2018, there are other important states coming up, including Delhi and Bihar. The time to heed calls of danger is now. 

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