Monday, February 23, 2015

A Great Beginning

Indian cricket fans, which is to say almost all of India, has been greatly enthused with the way the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup has progressed so far, with the Indian team rallying behind the war cry of #WontGiveItBack as they aim to defend their world championship which they won in 2011 in Mumbai. The first match against Pakistan promised to be a grand spectacle as fans of both countries watched eagerly. India started with an unbroken 5-0 winning streak against its western neighbor and former possession, including a 5-0 unbroken stream of winning the toss. And it delivered by maintaining both at 6-0. However, the Pakistani team was quite disappointing and except for Captain Misbah ul Haq, didn't really put up much of a fight. For all its billing, the match was rather disappointing in that respect. The sight of TV screens being smashed in Karachi did provide comic relief though!

The second match was far more telling though: India defeated World Cup-favorites South Africa in a spectacular rout that left the Proteas with a 131 run loss, despite a target that they themselves made previously against other teams, and despite an Indian team that has looked quite out of form right up to the practice games for the event. Suddenly, India is back in the reckoning to win the World Cup!

In other news, Ireland shocked everyone including themselves by defeating the West Indies. Surely, if there is a country that is to join the test-playing world, it is Ireland. Afghanistan also gave Sri Lanka a hard time in their match, losing by just 4 runs. It seems the minnows of the game are turning giant-killers, while the original cricket giant (England) is playing so badly that its very test-playing status should be put into question.

India's next match against the UAE is expected to be a breeze. However, this tournament has proven to be full of surprises, so don't get out the firecrackers just yet. 

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