Monday, February 23, 2015

Cold, Cold Illinois

February has lived up to its reputation of being the coldest month of any winter season and this one seems all set to match last year's record-breaking winter. Practically the entire month with the exception of a few hours here and there has been below freezing and with the recent 6 in. of snow we got this weekend, everything is now also covered in snow. Most days have also been cloudy and windy, making things worse for everyone.

The cold weather has made news in the world too, because it's the most unusually cold weather system in the entire world (except Siberia, and that's the same system). On a contour map, it almost looks as if the North Pole just broke open and all that cold air fell into the Eastern and Midwestern US! Of course, Illinois has been luckier than Boston, which got several feet of record-breaking snowfall. In that respect, this winter has not been that bad, as we never got as much snow as last year.

Models indicate that this weather will persist through March, after which we'll move into early spring. That means there are many cold days ahead! 

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