Saturday, February 7, 2015

Exciting Times Ahead

Just a week to go for the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia-New Zealand, with defending champions India, fielding a younger team this time, looking to retain the cup even as the South African team seems the strongest side by far. Of course, with a bulk of cricket lovers being from the Indian subcontinent, all eyes are on the big clash of Valentine's Day - India v Pakistan (9.30 PM CET). Well, it's actually on Feb. 15, but for viewers in the US it is on the 14th!

I still remember that amazing 2011 World Cup final in Mumbai, when India won the Cup for only the second time in history, defeating Sri Lanka. It was in the hostel at RKB and everyone was there to watch - it was an electric atmosphere. It was a different time then of course - I was an undergraduate student with no cares in life, no deadlines to meet and nothing to worry about. 2015 is very different as a graduate student, with much to think about. It doesn't help that the timezone difference is almost as high as it could be in the cricketing world!

There are many expectations this time, chief among them being a victory for India. But realistically speaking, we don't have the team for it and the last overseas visit definitely showed us our place. The times are just not with us and the BCCI is definitely too busy with its own problems to worry about Indian cricket. Anyway, it's about the sport in the end and all the Indian team has to do is to play as best as it can and the people of the country will be with it - and yes, it has to win that Indo-Pak match, no choice about that! 

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