Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stop these silly threats

This Valentine's Day, the Hindu Mahasabha and similar groups are once again in the news for trying their very best to terrorize young couples violating so-called Indian values, which appear to have nothing to with young Indians themselves. This year too, they have vowed to marry off such couples, notwithstanding their blunder a few years ago in marrying off some siblings who were going to market.

Year after year, this charade by these groups goes on and year after year, there are counter-demonstrations against it. What has it led to? Nothing at all - it's all a farce. What the Mahasabha and such groups do not understand is that India has changed so much since 1991 that they have no clout left among the youth - nobody wants to take orders from anybody and Indian culture is defined by the Indian people, not by any organization claiming to defend it. Most importantly, personal freedoms are very important to people and groups that attempt to trample on it will not succeed.

It is time the Mahasabha embraces modernity and stops looking at every last thing as a threat to Indian culture, similar to how the Taliban looks at everything as a threat to Islamic culture. If they are to remain relevant, they must see the new world that they live in and find peace with it. This regular assault on hapless people, irrespective of which party rules where, has given it nothing but anger and disgust from one and all. 

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