Sunday, March 29, 2015

End of Spring Break, but so what?

Spring Break 2014 is technically over and boy, has it been a wild ride! In the last nine days of the break, the biggest 'break' I've had is a few hours at Purdue University, which was a great experience. But aside from that, it has indeed been a very productive week. There were some targets set and not all of them have been met. This is partly because the targets themselves were very ambitious in the first place, while some were simply overshadowed by unexpected work that came in that could not wait for later.

Four hours in the Laser & Spectroscopy Lab was the major deviation from the set schedule, as it set off a chain reaction for some urgent work that needs to be completed by April in order to be included in my Master's Thesis. A presentation outline for a workshop was the other outlier, although that didn't take much time. Some minor homework, aside, the biggest achievement was a preliminary understanding of C#, my first major upgrade to computer programming since learning C++ about six years ago.

The two term papers that were on the cards have been big failures, though not as bad as it was in the Fall Semester of 2014. This will be a big problem and I've given myself a one week extension to finish them. In some ways, it feels good that Spring Break is over, since the pressure of doing a whole lot of work by a given date is gone and there is more time. But this is the last full month of the semester and the clock is ticking away very fast. Much remains to be done, with little time left.

The most difficult phase of the semester is about to begin. 

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