Sunday, March 29, 2015

Indian of the Year 2014

  • Indian of the Year 2014

Narendra Modi
For redefining Indian democracy, creating a new idea of India and leading his party to a once-in-a-generation parliamentary majority followed by a string of electoral successes that has made the BJP India’s dominant political party. 2014 was surely the year of Narendra Modi, who is all set to lead India’s most powerful government in 30 years.

  • Special Awards

India CAG: Citizens for Accountable Governance
For bringing young people directly into the electoral process, modernizing elections and using technology to increase the scope and breadth of democratic participation.

Indian Space Research Organization
For taking Indian space exploration to a new orbit through the successful execution of the Mangalyaan mission

  • Political Awards

Troublemaker of the Year: Azam Khan, for repeatedly making communally offensive comments in UP and using the state machinery for personal benefit
Politician of the Year: Amit Shah, for masterminding the BJP’s historic performance in UP as General Secretary and subsequent electoral victories in states as President
Memorable Visit of the Year: PM Narendra Modi’s visit to the US and address at Madison Square Garden

  • Community Awards

Best State of the Year: Gujarat, for better or worse, defining a path for a more prosperous India
City of the Year: Bangalore, for being the hub of the start-up revolution that is changing the landscape of urban India

  • Media Awards

Best News Publication: Swarajya Magazine, for bringing together right-wing thought and reviving Rajaji’s great legacy
Best News Channel: Times Now, for the Rahul Gandhi interview
Best Movie: Queen, for its celebration of Indian women in the modern era

  • Sports Awards

Team of the Year: Atletico de Kolkata, for winning the inaugural edition of the Indian Super League
Memorable Event: The Indian Super League, for breaking the monotone of the I-League and reviving Indian football

  • Business Awards

Company of the Year: Flipkart, for its Billion Day sale and bold attempt to create a new online retailing culture post-IRCTC

  • OTFS Awards

Series of the Year: 2014 Elections, for analysis of the most exciting general election in a generation

Documentary of the Year: The Marshals, for honouring great Indian officers in the centennial year of World War I

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