Sunday, March 29, 2015

IOTY14: The Hope of a Generation

In choosing an Indian of the Year for Opinions 24x7, there are usual a few contenders, men and women of equal footing who have, in their own way, changed the destiny of the nation. 2014 was however, an exception, for there was one man who changed the country in every way possible - an appeal to the aspiration of a new generation, an appeal to those left out in the political wilderness as mere votebanks, an appeal to the vast diaspora waiting for their motherland to return to its great glory, an appeal to end the political grip of a dynasty that has sucked Indian democracy dry.

Narendra Damodardas Modi embodies the hope of a generation. From selling tea on a railway station to help make ends meet for his poor family, he has risen to become the Prime Minister of India, not through a godfather or political connections, but through sheer will and the perseverance to lead his party through the longest and most difficult electoral process in the history of the world. In his victory, lies the true victory of the 'Idea of India': a land where anyone can aspire to rise to the very top through their hard work, an idea that has been lost in the wallow of crony socialism and the grip of the Gandhi dynasty.

Modi's victory is the victory of our generation. It is the victory of a dream - a dream of an India where hard work is enough to achieve any dream. A dream of an India that is not ashamed of its past or its customs, but is proud of everything that defines it. A dream of an India that stands tall, head held high, and leads the world. For representing the greatest 'idea of India,' Prime Minister Narendra Modi is rightly the 2014 Indian of the Year. 

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