Thursday, March 19, 2015

Those were the times

Edge of Eternity
By Ken Follett

The concluding book of the century trilogy distinctly stands out from its predecessors - while those were largely war novels, with hundreds of pages devoted to military strategy, this one was the most political ever, indicating just how World War II changed the idea of warfare. But politics can only pull you so far - this one, more than the others, focused on the people who were part of this amazing journey through a defining century.

Edge of Eternity is also a concluding book in every way, for it finally closes two of the greatest tales in the book - that of Grigori and Ethel, who remain the polar opposites of the book to death and yet are united by one common thread: hope. And that is the real message of this trilogy: why do we do what we do? Why do people - communists, socialists, imperialists - want change? Hope, for a better future. But better for whom?

That is the question. 

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