Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tribute to a Hero


Produced By: Black Bear Pictures and others
Director: Morten Tyldum
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Rory Kinnear and others
Pros: Good acting, good plot and narrative, excellent ending
Cons: Somewhat historically inaccurate
Rating: **** of 5 (4 of 5)

History is perhaps the best source of good films these days - if handled well. It could very well go like The Theory of Everything, that was a bore and hardly a biopic, or it could become a classic like Gandhi. While not exactly a classic yet, The Imitation Game certainly counts as an excellent film, rightly earning all its Academy Award nominations. But aside from all the glamour, it is truly a philosophical movie, asking questions about how society treaty a veritable war hero - Professor Alan Turing, well-known to computer scientists and mathematicians, but almost unheard of elsewhere.

Benedict Cumberbatch stands out as the star of the movie all the way with his portrayal of Turing, verily moving from excitement to dejection. The strongest point of the movie is, in fact, it's ending, when Turing's suicide is handled extraordinarily well by Cumberbatch. The director also deserves full points for suitably managing time transitions, which could have easily broken this movie. Clearly, not only was it executed well, but it was also planned well.

The only problem with this movie is that it was somewhat historically inaccurate - not everything shown was how it really happened. Of course, some of the events in Bletchley Park are so classified that we will never really know how it happened. But there are some historical liberties that the director has taken. For puritans, this is a problem. However, as this is a movie and not a documentary, this should be fine for most people. A must-watch, especially for science aficionados. (OTFS)

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