Sunday, April 26, 2015

Revelations on the Congress

Congress' crown prince Rahul Gandhi has returned to India from his mysterious sabbatical and his managers in the media, aided by a pliant and sold-out media, have done their best to show him as a new and renewed man, ready to revive his party and take on the mighty Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Thus, a damp squib of a rally made up largely of a paid crowd that had no idea what was going on was reported as a massive success; a very drab speech in Parliament that made very little sense was played up in the media as being messianic!

Some things are very clear. It is not just Sonia Gandhi any more, but Rahul Gandhi too who wants to become Prime Minister. All his trash talk about 'power is poison' is now in the dustbin of history for, having tasted sore defeat and the imminent destruction of the Deep Congress, he and his party have to fight back if, for nothing else, but to protect his dynasty. And for this mission, the Deep Congress (journalists, bureaucrats, so-called activists and intellectuals) have been enlisted as one last, great fight to stop the BJP from wiping out the Congress from the map.

The strategy is also very clear. The Congress has decided to turn far left while at the same time painting the BJP government as being pro-rich, an old and potent formula perfected by none other than Jawahar Lal Nehru himself. Both are lies - the Congress, if anything, is a den of corruption, crony capitalism and vested interests, while the BJP has sorely disappointed everyone on the right. In this process, the Deep Congress would have appreciated a better mascot than Rahul Gandhi, but obviously his mother is not going to let anyone dislodge him.

In addition, the Congress is aware that they have acquired, purely through their own votebank politics, an anti-Hindu image and, with massive pan-caste consolidation now possible through a leader such as Modi, this is an alarming development for the Congress. Thus, Rahul Gandhi's trek to Kedarnath was played up so well by the media. To be fair, he is trying very hard to follow the orders of the Deep Congress, although his serious lack of a mass base and oratory have him handicapped.

Some very interesting things are going to happen in the next few months. The only stumbling block for the Congress is the fact that the BJP enjoys an absolute majority of its own and cannot be displaced by any conventional means. Nonetheless, electoral politics is only one route to power - there are many more, and members of the Deep Congress know it very well. For the Modi-Shah duo, the need for constant vigilance has never been greater. We are now going back to undoing systems that were put in place at the very birth of the Republic, systems that have sustained and perpetuated the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty for decades. They are not going down without a fight - and a great one it will be.  

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