Sunday, April 12, 2015

The need to #StopHillaryNow

So it has finally happened. The great political earthquake of 2015 that, unlike real earthquakes, was predicted years ago, happened today, with former New York senator, US First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declaring her intention to run for a second time for US President and hoping to make history as the first female POTUS. Indeed, it is a bit of an anomaly that while all the great democracies of the world have have female heads of government, such as Mrs. Thatcher in Britain or Mrs. Gandhi in India, the US has never had a female President. This will certainly be a potent tool in her campaign, as it was in 2008 when she ran against incumbent President Barack Obama.

Her first campaign video made it abundantly clear what her strategy would be - to reach out to those groups that are traditionally seen as being hostile to the Republicans: women (yes, the entire bunch!), racial and sexual minorities. This is quite a no-brainer of course, with strident Republic opposition to abortion, gay marriage and equal voting rights in the south driving away those constituents, as was apparent in Obama's second landslide victory. It also made it clear that she sees no real challenge from the Democratic party - indeed, except possibly Elizabeth Warren, there probably isn't a single Democrat that can withstand the Clinton electoral machine.

And yet, she must be stopped. In 2008, Opinions 24x7 came out in support of Hillary, where she eventually lost to Obama in the primaries. Since then, she has proven in generous portions that she is everything from an incompetent administrator to an outright liar. Her foundation's shady dealings with foreign governments and non-governmental agencies were laid out to bear by Wikileaks. Her term as Secretary of State was a disaster that complimented the general Obama foreign policy, taking the wrong side in Libya and paying for it through the assassination of the US Ambassador to Benghazi while ignoring the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq until it was too late. With the sole exception of the assassination of Osama bin Laden, her term left America and the world in general much worse off.

And the recent controversy of her e-mails in the State Department will only come back to haunt her, as questions mount on why she deleted and tried to lie about 30,000 e-mails from her personal e-mail, which should have been archived and made available to the public under FOIA. She has tried to brush these issues under the carpet and the liberal media have given her a long rope, but that will not be enough once the actual campaign starts off. She must be held accountable for her failures, her double-dealings and her questionable actions. Emotional appeals to women and minorities cannot be allowed to bring someone so dangerous to power. Hillary Clinton must be stopped.  

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