Sunday, April 12, 2015

The New Minority

The last month has revealed a new, sinister twist to the unending and rather pointless discussion of secularism in India, a discussion that has left the Muslim community emaciated to the extent that their condition is comparable to those of the Dalits who faced discrimination for thousands of years, despite India being ruled largely by Muslims kings just a few hundreds of years ago. After 2014 though, it has become clear that Muslims have finally ditched the chief architect of their miseries - the Congress party - in favor of either their own parties such as the MIM or local players like AAP.

But the plot is changing. Without a captive minority votebank, the Congress party is in serious danger of dying, and with it, the ecosystem that it has built - bureaucrats, journalists, so-called intellectuals, all beholden to the Gandhi dynasty. Thus, there is a need to bring that votebank back, but by a method that would not be as obvious as it had become in the last decade under the UPA. Enter the new minority - Christians. Constituting about 2% of the population, with a majority in a few small states, they are by far the most well-off after the Parsis and Jews, providing quality education to people who have been failed by the state.

So here is the plan. Out of nowhere, it seems, Christians are in grave danger in India. Incidents that have nothing to do with religion altogether - notably the rape of a nun in lawless West Bengal - are being twisted into the rubric of secularism. People whose patriotism has been above question, such as Admiral (Retd.) Sushil Kumar Isaac, Justice Joseph Kurien and Julio Riberio, have suddenly turned away from defending the nation to defending their faith. Petty journalists like Mihir Simon Sharma have suddenly turned into authorities on secularism. And never before, despite the ban on beef by many states including Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir, has the cause of beef been taken up so arduously by anybody in India.

This is not a coincidence. This is a very calculated trick by the deep Congress, which wants to clear the decks for the return of the Congress party in 2019 or even earlier. Who is the key architect of this? To answer that, it is as simple as to find the name that is on everybody's mind but nobody wants to talk about - Sonia Gandhi, who has the added interest of seeing her incompetent son become the PM in her lifetime (how much ever of that is left). A new minority is being constructed in India, and if they fall for it, they will go down the same path as Muslims have gone and be left with nothing. Their high education standards will help slow down the deterioration, but with shrinking opportunities that the Congress is famous for creating, even that will not last for long. Another decade of the Congress' secularism, this time with Christians at the center, will push the community to levels even their ancestors would not have imagined possible.

Clearly, this is the greatest and most diabolical political realignment of our times. Much will depend on how Modi brings the Indian economy back to its feet, for money speaks louder than anything else. Perhaps Modi knows this. The trouble with the BJP Government is, it's just impossible to tell what the government is thinking. That can be a double-edged sword. 

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