Friday, May 29, 2015

How to create a controversy

Another day, another fake controversy created by a media that is hell-bent on continuing their decade-long witch hunt against the now Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This is getting comical despite being so very serious!

The latest fake controversy is around a casteist group in IIT Madras that was provisionally de-recognized by the Dean of Students for violating norms regarding use of the IITM brand name and logo. Of course, all these facts came out much later. If it were just that much, nobody would've bothered. How then did this small matter turn into a national "issue"?

Obviously, Narendra Modi! Or rather, so-called liberals who hate him.
The media's agenda is very clear: hurt Modi, any which way possible. They're quite adept at it since 2002, but since he used their hatred to his advantage to become India's 15th Prime Minister with a historic mandate, they have been working over-time. The casualty has been journalism, of course, which is why their kind are called #Presstitutes.

If a reporter heard that such a group was de-recognized for supposedly insulting Modi, they should have first talked to both parties - IITM and the group - to get the facts, and then report them. This is called journalism. Instead, the entire spectrum of the media just bought whatever angle was fed to them and even tried to ignore IITM's official press release. This is called propaganda, leftist propaganda in this case. This is how controversies are generated today - through lies and deliberately ignoring facts.

The silver lining is the sheer speed at which the right-wing was able to bring the facts out in the open and put the left on the defensive for its lies. It is comical how this left-wing group in IITM talks as if the right-wing is crushing it on campus - history knows that it is the Left that has crushed the right, which is why there is such little right-wing intellect in the country. JNU is a hallmark of such a leftist bastion. To then cry wolf for a little bit of their own medicine is laughable.

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