Thursday, May 28, 2015

Seeing people go

May is almost done and people who came to Illinois with me two years back have largely left, except the PhD students. Actually, most of the people had left in December after completing their degree requirements, but the people in research are beginning to leave now. Emotionally, December was more important but May is important in terms of options after my PhD - it is critical to keep talking to people and staying in touch to know what to do once you're at that stage.

But parting ways is always painful, not least because there is only an unknown void ahead. I've been through this so many times that I've almost grown immune to it, which some would say is a sad state to be in though philosophers say is the best state. Anyway, the fact is, a lot of people are leaving to build their own futures. In a way, so am I - an MS is not a PhD, no matter how much research you do. Things change and change in certainly coming in many ways. 

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