Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What should gym music be like?

Campus Recreation at UIUC runs what it calls Illinois CampusRec Radio, an in-house radio that plays music in the ARC and CRCE facilities. 'Music' is a pretty loose term here because you mostly can't hear anything unless you're in the locker room and it's not too crowded! However, it is a gym and people are watching TV or busy with their iPads (note the sarcasm) or iPods, so the music should not be very loud. However, it should at least be somewhat audible to actually justify its existence!

However, the volume is not the real problem - I suppose there are studies on optimal intensity and wiser people have chosen the settings for some percentile that I clearly don't fall under. My real problem is with he kind of music that's played. I might not be an expert in acoustics, but I have been a regular at the gym for almost two years now and I know that you don't play slow, sad music in a place high on adrenaline and (mostly) testosterone. I was in the bank today and I surprisingly enjoyed their music more than I do CampusRec Radio - the bank!

So really, CampusRec is wasting their money (our money) with music that I can't hear (could be my fault) and which I wouldn't even want to hear in a gym if I could!  

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