Saturday, June 27, 2015

An Irresponsible Stance

The AAP legislators in the Delhi Assembly recently passed a resolution, describing Delhi's semi-state constitutional status as some sort of an 'emergency-like situation,' which was quickly lapped up by the media. BJP has-been LK Advani, whose 'Advani for PM' adventure in 2009 had even more disastrous results than the 'India Shining' campaign in 2004, recently talked about how the Emergency can return to India. All this is not just pure garbage, but highly irresponsible.

The Emergency, imposed by India's one and so far only dictator, Indira Gandhi, was the darkest period in our democratic history post-Independence. It was not merely about state governments being dismissed or bureaucrats being made to work more efficiently. It represented a direct, socialist attack on individual freedoms and liberties. The suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, endorsed by a pliant Supreme Court, was the tip of the iceberg. Far from allowing an opposition party to have any say in a democratically elected state assembly, the Emergency gave power to the Central Government to prevent anybody from having any say at all, with all dissent being disposed of swiftly. After all, over 19,000 political opponents were put behind bars, with thousands more being forced to go underground to avoid arrest and continue the resistance against the dictatorship. That is what an Emergency is like.

To describe the current situation in Delhi as being remotely related to that is foolish. If anything, the only place in Delhi that fits all the requirements of an Emergency is the AAP Office itself. The current Central Government is not just transparent in its workings (as compared to the shameful UPA-II administration controlled by Sonia Gandhi), it is quickly disbursing powers to the states to choose their own destiny. Constitutionally, the NDA does not even have the numbers to amend the Constitution on its own, unlike the Congress (Indira) in the 60s, so just about nothing has changed in 2014. And yet, the media and thugs in AAP claim that there is a virtual Emergency in India. If there was, there people would've been behind bars or worse by now.

As for Advani, Justice (Retd.) Katju best summed it up by describing him as a frustrated man who is angry that his party does not give him any bhaav anymore.

This whole sordid episode is just another example of how Modi-haters are quickly turning into India-haters. To reduce the darkest period in the Republic's history to a political shenanigan just to vent frustration on the new rulers of Delhi is an insult to all the people who fought against dictatorship in India. It is an insult to the 44th Amendment and to the very founders of the Constitution itself. Shame on you. 

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